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About Us

MARKET-DRIVEN Fruit Solutions

In addition to being worldwide suppliers of fresh fruit and trading, we are a solutions contributor. We offer fruit solutions based on market demand and trends. As we have the strong, international network of partners within the fruits industry, our market-driven fruit solutions are available to all customers.

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Fruit-X is a global fruit company supplying the best quality of fruits from orchards to a wide range of clients. We supply to wholesalers, food service chains and retail providers based on consumer demands. Our head office is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but work with clients across the globe. Our fruits are sold under our brand name Heritage Growers with private labeling and grower-brands where necessary. We also use this branding throughout business deals within industrial sales and commodities. Fruit-X are an engaging, solution-oriented and innovative company who provide solutions to our range of top global partners. To meet customer needs efficiently, a total service culture is established across all areas of Fruit-X business which includes product quality, sales, marketing, and administration. This leads our way for strategic and strong partnerships with clients by delivering them with a competitive advantage: innovation, supply security, cost-efficiency, transparency, product quality and supply chain management.

Providing Top Service

We have long-lasting and strong partnerships with associated growers in order to supply the best quality fresh fruits continuously in the best packaging to satisfy customer demand. Besides this, our supply chain management services offer alternative, direct-to-market and
customized solutions for our global fresh fruits industry.

Always In Touch

Lastly, stimulating Fruit-X’s continuous improvement is our mission to be the first choice for suppliers by providing our customers with ideal non-stop and end-to-end solutions.

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