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Citrus Fruit


The Fruit-X values stem from the work our founders built this company on and the service excellence we continue to provide to consumers, suppliers and clients across the globe. Our mantra remains to be proving the excellence fruit service, but our five company values can be broken down into; partnerships, enthusiasm and passion, reliability and excellence, simplicity, and transparency and self-regulation.


At Fruit-X, we build lasting relationships with our partners, suppliers and customers all around the world. We appreciate our organizations and provide the Win-Win Partnerships for everyone. We work hard alongside suppliers to provide great service and delicious fruit for customers. We want to initiate benefits packages to our partnerships and have a goal of creating a platform where everyone can soar together. Therefore, we will keep exploring new opportunities in the global market.

Green Grapes

Enthusiasm & Passion

We have a genuine passion for the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere our daily work provides because we love fruit. Our way of working with partners, colleagues and markets clearly reflects our enthusiasm to provide.


Reliability & Excellence

The foundation for our behavior is our professionalism and commercial excellence. We always provide high-class solutions for our clients and our company at the right time. Our principal is to remain freshness of fruits and it is how we differentiate from our competitors. This is also how our customers can trust that we will only deliver the best quality of fruits as our promise.


From our experience, we know the simplest solution is often the most suitable way to provide for our customers. That’s why we take away the complexity of global distribution channels and varied client-suppliers by providing first-class logistical solutions to everyone. Simple, secure and sweet.

Transparency &


Fruit-X strongly believe that traceability is important. We are concerned about the safety of fruit and our consumers’ health, so we ensure all fruits we deliver are in their best condition. Our dedicated quality assurance team focuses on confirming we have the highest standards of transparency and self-regulation. From there, we can trace products at batch level from suppliers to retailers at all time. At Fruit-X, we can provide documentation upon request as we have close relationships with our growers and customers to share information and ensure transparency.

Picking Purple Grapes
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