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Good Working Atmosphere

Working at Fruit-X

Here at Fruit-X, we value our employees and make sure that we offer equal opportunities to individuals with different backgrounds and experiences. This allows us to be a more connected company while providing first-person insight into the worldwide market. We continue to enhance the engagement of employees to drive their innovation. The Fruit-X working culture is to make sure that everyone feels respected, valued, welcomed, and motivated.

Good Working Atmosphere

At our Kuala Lumpur head office, we make every effort to build the best working environment for our employees. We offer comfortable office space, suitable office furniture and state-of the art IT infrastructure. We extensively renovate and decorate our office spaces to bring maximum comfortable and benefits to our employees and visiting business partners. We always hear from staff representative’s opinions when come to main problems that affect employees working climate. We have internal communications channel and house meetings to update information for our employee.

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Flexible Terms of Working

Fruit-X cooperates with business and customers worldwide with different time zones. Sometimes, we require odd working hours and overseas travel to stay in contact with our customers. Thus, flexibility and responsibility are important in our working culture. We prepared suitable devices such as portable laptops, web-based communications systems and cloud computing for access the network anytime to remain connected and work remotely. Flexible working hours is offered to employees so they can achieve a mindful and healthy work-life balance.

Development & Satisfaction of Job

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Our major focus areas are job satisfaction and personal development of our employees. We always want to increase employee expectations, not only on benefits but also in their careers so we can become a first choice as a global employer. In Fruit-X, career moves, and job rotation are quite common as our employees hold different positions within the corporation. We highly support our employees to achieve their goals in both job advancement and personal development. This is why we grow, develop and create new roles where necessary.

Delightful Compensation & Benefits

Every employee is seeking an attractive benefits and compensation package relative to experience and skills. Here at Fruit-X, we are competitive in these channels. As a global corporate, we offer different and exciting jobs, opportunities and added security for employees to achieve a successful work-life balance. Performance reviews ensure that managers can align their expectations on each employee. We then encourage and support our employees to have a comfortable working atmosphere
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