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In a current and thriving fruit market, we are an independent company who makes lasting connections with the best growers around the world. We do this in order to fulfill the demands of consumers and market dynamics in a more efficient way. Together, our partnerships provide; simple, efficient, attractive, and fast fruit solutions. These benefits can provide personal advantages to your business, a service known within Fruit-X as our Win-Win Partnerships. Our core business model is powered by our growth in knowledge-based partnerships. This is because – here at fruit-X – we strongly support the operations of close networks to provide the best of the best. Therefore, we consistently thrive to build valuable and lasting relationships with our global clients, suppliers, farmers, pickers, consumers and planet. The team at Fruit-X market take customer needs to heart and have excellent insights to generating fruit solutions. We understand that every market has unique tastes of local trends and culture. We believe that this will bring many advantages to our client and thus having the right partner is vital.

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Here at Fruit-X, we have a winning relationship with our customers because we analyse market demands and trends. This means we are able to consistently provide core experience with local market insights for our clients.
We are well prepared to supply fresh fruits for customers. This is because we always improve and evolve stock within our company to meet seasonal demands. With this, we can ensure higher fruit safety, flow of information, sustainability, and traceability.

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We strongly believe that time is money, especially when it comes to fruit and their fast ripening processes after harvest. And, with the Fruit-X guarantee of quality, efficiency, and flexibility, we will continue to build strong connections with the world’s best growers. Without our solid connections with global partners, we cannot commit to our All Time Fresh scheme. We require short lead time when fulfilling market demands, scalable fruit production and a low risk of overstock. When our partners continue to grow the best fruits, we can continue to provide consistent and flexible logistical solutions for our order handling.

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