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Founded in 2015, Fruit-X is based in Kuala Lumpur and has become a vital partner in South East Asia for fruit supply companies around the world. We source from 15 different countries to serve customers spanning Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Our operations span the globe and incorporate over 50 farms, warehouses and packing facilities. Fruit-X is a people company who values employees above all. Take a stroll down memory lane
with us; It all began with Bertil and Jose who planted the company seed in June of 2015. The two decided to enter a partnership and create Fruit-X with their individual strengths. Bertil, born in The Netherlands, is a businessman who has been driving successful enterprises in Asia for over 16 years with elaborate experience in management, sales and systems. Jose, on the other hand was born in Chile, raised in Spain and started in the fruit business in 2009 after arriving in Asia. Jose facilitates development with suppliers while creating genuine relationships with buyers in Asia.

Our Reach

At a local level, our offices in Kuala Lumpur and Vietnam market fresh fruit to over 7 countries in South East Asia. We are successfully reaching a market of over 500million people in emerging economies. From the Q Sentral Office Tower in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Fruit-X runs operates management, finance, logistics, marketing, IT and HR. The management team consists of our founders; Chief Financial Officer Bertil Schuil and Chief Executive Officer Jose Vottero. Globally, Fruit-X source trade within Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, US, Canada, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Serbia, Egypt, India, South Africa and Australia.

The Fruit-X branding and logo came to fruition to indicate our core principle of supply fresh fruits and produce. It was designed to illustrate our global reach as a modern fruit distributor. To break it down, the fruits being loaded onto the truck indicate the freshness through swift and efficient logistics and distribution channels. We ensure the fruits we supply are of the highest quality with secure packaging.

Story of Fruit-X


Welcoming of Heritage Growers

In 2020, our parent-brand: Heritage Growers was established for the purpose of packing fresh fruits in order to sell on the global market under the Fruit-X branding. Our label provides a colorful and premium appearance to suit our aims as a company: to bring joy and health to consumers buying our fruits.

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Our Mission

At Fruit X, we strive to translate our competitive advantages: our people, our growers, our relationships, our geographical position of “touching and feeling the market” – into value for our customers. We thrive in the business of delivering superior service and produce that exceeds expectations. We do this confident in the conviction that, through ever-evolving operational excellence, we will continue to grow and deliver to our biggest partners and suppliers.

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